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Gloire Emmanuel Ndongala

Gloire Emmanuel Ndongala was born in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. When he was a child, the tyrant Mobutu went after his father, putting the whole family in danger. By the grace of God, they all escaped and went to America, on an Asylum status. 

He has 4 siblings starting with the oldest, a sister named Lona, his older brother Sandy, younger sister Marthe and finally his youngest brother AJ. His mom, Beatrice Makanzu, was a pillar in his life. Gloire truly believes that his mom’s prayers are the reason why he is alive today.

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My Hispanic Family

After coming to America at the age of 15, his father abandoned his family and Gloire was taken in by a Hispanic family in Colorado, the Luceros.

Gloire Emmanuel Ndongala basketball

Although Gloire was a good athlete, his encounter with God at a retreat at the age of 16 compelled him to give up his dreams to play sports professionally.

Prior to being saved, he was Mr. Popular on the outside, but dead on the inside. After getting saved, he started to understand why he was alive on this earth, and that was, as he would put it “to share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Unable to afford college because his mom was an immigrant and dad had abandoned him he looked to God and therein began a series of Miracles. He received thousands of dollars from many different places during his time at his University. Including a Dr. Pepper Scholarship for 23,000 dollars.
Gloire Emmanuel Ndongala Dr Pepper
(more about the different miracles can be found in the Faith Stories section)

Meet the Family

He is married to his lovely wife, Katie Ndongala and has two children, a son, Dóxa Ndongala and daughter, Penayel Ndongala.

Gloire, graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU), with a Bachelor’s in Church Ministry (Leadership), and an Associates in Psychology and Arts in Bible.

He has authored and self-published several books: Grow Up, Church, Grow Up Church Workbook, At The Precipice Of Time, A Roaring Lion. An Angel of Light, and Ma’an’s Journey (The Fish and the Coin), (For more on the books checkout his section titled Books).

Currently he leads a Bible study, and mentors and disciples people of all ages. He is the president of RichPluss Inc, a 5(o)1c3 corporation.

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